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Embody on-demand is an online platform that helps you connect with yourself and a like minded community. 

Live your practice both on and off your mat

With a deep emphasis on form and alignment of the body, as well as listening inwardly, these classes help you become an intuitive and optimal mover. Embody On-Demand is about helping you get to know yourself better, and build the connections in your body so that you can continue doing what you love to do and live life with joy and ease rather than pain and discomfort.


no matter your background or experience level, discover something for everyone. 


Explore various styles of classes from beginner friendly, vinyasa flow, slow and restorative, dosha balancing yoga, to chair yoga. Practice at your own pace or with a group and build a solid and consistent practice.

Breathe & Meditate

Slow down, breathe, and tune inward with guided meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama). These classes are perfect to help you unwind and destress.


Learn Ayurveda self-care and practice dosha balancing yoga for an individualized approach to your movement practice.

Live Streams

Come together in real time for weekly classes, monthly tea times,  and seasonal workshops. Learn, move, and laugh with fellow Embody members. 

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Embody On-Demand Subscriptions

  • Unlimited access to pre-recorded and live-steam classes: $20/month
  • One-time, 48 hour rentals: $10/per class

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what people are saying 


"As a beginner (and completely inflexible person) I always struggle to find instructors that get me into proper alignment with their cues and help me get deeper into those poses, all while maintaining a steady pace. I have been going to Eva's classes in person and online for about two years now, and she has been my favorite yoga instructor. I never feel like I am going to injure myself in her classes, and I always feel like I am improving and going deeper into my poses.”


“Eva is a very experienced yoga instructor. She teaches her classes to both the beginner as well as the more experienced student so that both can participate in a very challenging yoga class. Her teaching cues are so good in helping the student understand what their body and breath are supposed to be doing in order to get the most out of each yoga pose in her class.”


"When I signed up for Eva's Inversions (headstands, handstands, forearm stands) workshop, I was absolutely terrified. I've never been able to do any of those poses, even as a child, and was shocked that Eva was able to successfully lead me via Zoom into all of those poses. Eva's cues allowed me to do poses I was always scared to even try and allowed me to execute them with confidence. For anybody of any level who wants to explore inversions and feel safe doing so, I highly recommend attending Eva's classes and workshops!”