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Sunday March 19th

$20, or Free for Embody On-Demand Members

What are the important things our bodies are telling us as we transition into Spring?

Spring is a time when mucus is on the rise, digestion can become sluggish, energy levels can feel low, and allergies, sinus, and lung congestion can show up in our bodies. 

According to Ayurveda, one of the keys to maintaining health is to practice ritucharya - seasonal routines. By adjusting our daily self-care rituals to seasonal changes we can maintain balance in the body and mind, and prevent imbalances from occurring.

In this online workshop you will take home tools to manage the seasonal shift into Spring using diet, daily routine practices, and self-care rituals. 

We will cover the following and beyond

  • Self-care for Spring
  • Diet, nutrition guide, and ways to boost digestion in the Spring
  • Daily routine rituals 
  • Ways to manage allergies, how to lose excess weight from the winter, appropriate exercise for the Spring, ways to increase circulation in the body, how to decrease puffiness,  managing sinus congestion, and how to feel less foggy headed

can't make it?

Can't make it? This workshop will be recorded and emailed to those who sign up for you to watch on your own time.