Embrace an individualized approach

TO a simple, natural, and sustainable way to feel good in your body

I use a holistic approach drawing from Ayurvedic and yogic wisdom to offer you a natural way to restore balance and feel more whole. This individualized approach encourages you to feel empowered in your unique body, experience more stability, and endure less stress and anxiety.

embodying wellness

Each day provides us with an opportunity to live with more intention, awareness, connection, and purpose. Where does your practice start?

well-Being Is A Practice

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Feeling tight, stressed, weak or achy muscles and joints, or low energy? With a consistent practice, yoga can help with all of the above .


Whether you are struggling with digestive issues, period problems, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, allergies, or whatever other discomforts you may be experiencing, Ayurveda is a  healing system that looks at your body and mind as a whole to get to the root cause of your imbalance.


On-demand courses and classes are perfect for anyone new to yoga, looking to re-engage, or for those looking to build a solid and consistent practice.



“I have been taking classes with Eva regularly for five years. Eva weaves together beautifully thoughtful and intelligent flows which always leave me feeling lighter and energized. Her true talent is that she effortlessly provides options for all levels so you can take what is needed for you or work around an injury. I've learned so much from Eva over the years, but her most important attribute is that she is warm and welcoming and a bright light to my day!”


"I had such a wonderful experience working with Eva. During our consultation, I was able to learn more about Ayurvedic philosophy, and with Eva’s guidance, implement new practices and daily routines that have already complimented my life in such extraordinary ways. Eva’s calm and welcoming presence made this process very comfortable and easy. I felt listened to and supported every step of the way. She has a unique ability to make you feel heard, and supported by both listening attentively using her knowledge to offer individualized guidance and suggestions. Of utmost importance, what I truly love about working with Eva, whether it’s one-on-one in an Ayurvedic consultation, or amongst a group of yogis in a 60-minute vinyasa flow, is that her passion for teaching and wellness is tangible, inspiring, and truly one-of-a-kind."


"As a beginner (and completely inflexible person) I always struggle to find instructors that get me into proper alignment with their cues and help me get deeper into those poses, all while maintaining a steady pace. I have been going to Eva's classes in person and online for about two years now, and she has been my favorite yoga instructor. I never feel like I am going to injure myself in her classes, and I always feel like I am improving and going deeper into my poses”


"I recently started working with Eva, and I've already seen a change in how my body responds to food. As a competitive CrossFit athlete, food and recovery are my top priority. Using Ayurveda, Eva helped me fine tune my nutrition to better suit my body type, as well as modified my night time routine for better quality sleep. Eva is extremely easy to talk to and passionate about what she does. If you have questions about your body type and the effects of Ayurveda, I would highly recommend book a consultation with Eva."


“I enjoy taking classes with Eva! I appreciate her clear cues and that she shares the reason / her thought process for providing the cues: why we are in a pose and what we are working on (the subtle body stuff!). Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of attending a day retreat to Portland, ME, in-person and virtual classes, and a virtual headstand workshop. Taking classes with Eva will help you cultivate a better understanding and awareness of your body, and with practice, you will see the small shifts that can bring release to your body and mind while lessening some day-to-day aches. I highly recommend Eva. She is knowledgeable and encouraging.”

1:1 Ayurvedic coaching

Strengthening your digestion and establishing a healthy daily routine is the foundation of good health. Whether you are simply wanting to resolve a particular health issue or are ready to bring natural diet and lifestyle practices into all areas of your life, I’m here to support you.

I’m Eva– a wellness practitioner drawing from ancient Ayurveda and yoga teachings.

My intention is to offer holistic insights and lifestyle design through the wisdom of ancient wellness practices. I’m passionate about helping people balance their mind & body⁠, create routines to find ease⁠, and prioritize feeling good⁠ every day.