Personalized yoga

Take your practice to 
the next level

Yoga helps you build the connections in your body so that you can continue doing what you love to do. Rather than coming from a place of push or force, my classes teach you how to move with self-awareness and non-judgment. I will always encourage you to listen to your body and take what you need each day to feel balanced.

It doesn't matter your age, how long you've practiced for, or what you do in day-to-day life; my goal is to help you build the strength and connection, enabling a lifetime of activity you love, and a deeper sense of connection in your body.


on demand classes

Explore various styles of classes from beginner friendly, vinyasa flow, slow and restorative, to chair yoga. Practice at your own pace and build a solid and consistent practice.

Private lessons

One-on-one lessons are beneficial for all experience levels and backgrounds, and are designed to meet you where you’re at. Private lessons can include fine-tuning alignment, catering to an injury, breathwork, meditation, and philosophy instruction. Whether you wish to practice a specific style of yoga such as vinyasa flow, restorative, beginners yoga, pre/post-natal, or yoga for athletes, I am here to support you along the way. 

Live classes

Join Eva for in-person classes in Key West at Evolve Yoga and FYT.

To hear about upcoming live virtual classes join my mailing list, or take an on-demand class anytime, anywhere.

No matter your background or experience level, all are welcome in this work and path. Please reach out if you are looking for virtual, in-person, private, or corporate yoga. I work with clients locally and internationally.

I strive to always create an inclusive, safe & uplifting space for all my clients.