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Spend less time on the newest fads, learn your body to be your own best healer 


I won't promise you a quick fix approach

Here's the truth. I won't promise you a quick fix approach. It's not what I believe in.  There's a chance you enjoy moving your body, and have a healthy daily routine already.  Or maybe you haven't had a movement practice in a long time and are hesitant to jump back in, have little routine in your day, and have no idea of what self-care practices are best for you. You do have a desire to stay healthy, to take care of your body, to feel good in the years to come, and to do the things you love in daily life without being in pain.

There are so many different workout programs out there, so many different types of diets, and so much advice coming from every direction. 

The biggest hurdle i see with people trying to live a healthy lifestyle is: "where do i even start?"

If you’re here, there’s a chance you have the same question! I get it, because i’ve been there before and that’s exactly what led me to incorporating yoga and ayurveda into my lifestyle.

Everyday you hear about a new strategy to maintain health - whether it be a new type of diet, the best new form of exercise, or the best new product to age gracefully. You feel motivated getting the free information, but when you get to implementing it you have a hard time getting a new habit to stick, or confused on where to even start in your health journey. 

All of this new information leaves you feeling lost, overwhelmed, and more stressed than before. 

You might think it takes someone else telling you what to do, but what’s truly missing is learning your unique individual body, and intentionally working one day at a time. 

What might haunt you is the fear that simply not feeling good in your body is your baseline, which in return causes most people to give up on their health or never stick to a consistent routine, always jumping from one thing to the next. 

The health industry doesn’t need to be a dark cloud hovering over your every move. 

Can you relate to this…

  • Imagine waking up with a clear plan on how to start your day with simple and nearly free self-care practices in order to maintain your health
  • Imagine feeling good in your body becomes your baseline
  • Imagine building a community of like-minded people who are there to connect and support you along your health journey
  • Imagine feeling empowered around your health and the decisions you make
  • Imagine feeling good in your day-to-day life for years to come

Imagine this...

What's Inside

  • Yoga - from beginner friendly classes, flow, restorative, breathwork, meditation, and more, I’ve got you covered
  • Ayurvedic daily routine & self-care videos - learn how to take care of your body using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda - don’t worry, I’ve broken it down in the most simple, modern, and relatable way I can
  • Recipes - easy recipes you can make to begin to strengthen your digestion while still eating yummy foods - yes desserts are a part of that!
  • New content added monthly
  • Livestream classes 
  • Chat support so that you can ask questions along the way

what people are saying 


"As a beginner (and completely inflexible person) I always struggle to find instructors that get me into proper alignment with their cues and help me get deeper into those poses, all while maintaining a steady pace. I have been going to Eva's classes in person and online for about two years now, and she has been my favorite yoga instructor. I never feel like I am going to injure myself in her classes, and I always feel like I am improving and going deeper into my poses.”


“Eva is a very experienced yoga instructor. She teaches her classes to both the beginner as well as the more experienced student so that both can participate in a very challenging yoga class. Her teaching cues are so good in helping the student understand what their body and breath are supposed to be doing in order to get the most out of each yoga pose in her class.”


"When I signed up for Eva's Inversions (headstands, handstands, forearm stands) workshop, I was absolutely terrified. I've never been able to do any of those poses, even as a child, and was shocked that Eva was able to successfully lead me via Zoom into all of those poses. Eva's cues allowed me to do poses I was always scared to even try and allowed me to execute them with confidence. For anybody of any level who wants to explore inversions and feel safe doing so, I highly recommend attending Eva's classes and workshops!”

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